Antisemiten aller Länder schließen sich zusammen! I
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Antisemiten aller Länder schließen sich zusammen! IN ALLEN WEISSEN LÄNDERN versuchen Sie, uns mit Migranten gleichzusetzen! Was ist das, wenn nicht der Plan der Juden? Warum sterben indigene Völker lieber aus, anstatt gegen die böse Welt, den ewigen Juden, zu kämpfen? Wir diskutieren das dringende Problem in ganz Europa!


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Deustland erwahe


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>kills 60 million white europians
>allies with shitskin italians, romanians, bulgarians, arabs, bosniaks, croats, albanians basicly all gypsies
>considers slavs subhumans


Fake. Soros spawn in 1930..


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Dont forget he was literally the antichrist and wanted to kill and eat all non blue eyed blond haired people just like my professor said!


you dumbass i live among germans for many many years. they hate all nongermans, its not just "blue eyed blond people" they dont give a shit about, they dont care about norway, denmark, even holland they hate, they only like germans.


i saw many mongoild looking or turk or gypsi looking germans and they said they are 100% aryan. their view of aryans is just they are only aryans(masterrace) thats how they roll. if hitler have won, you wouldnt be alive.


Pictures like this make me angry.
I can't wait for day when we install arifical wombs in real dolls and ban women.


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So they like rhein abominations if they identify as germans?

Lmao, I mean swedes are pretty much the same, but at least they have sense of race.


I have checked the pictue. The man in this picture has another name. Also, G. Soros was only 14 years old at the time.


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yes i heared few germans say "oil eyes" to foreigners, eventhou they had oil eyes(brown/dark) themselfs. i asked wtf but you have oil eyes too. they mumble something "i have brown eyes" i do no understand them. everything they say is opposite and double standarts. here is a german haz blue yes but for me he looks like a gypsi.

we russians have very clear understanding of race. germans do not.


Rosgvardian lyons against Jaguar's Strike


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>if germany had won ww2 their would be no tranny shit


it would be pure aryan ubermensch tranny shit


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yes xD