Ask anything from a Finnish guy currently serving in the Finnish milit
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Ask anything from a Finnish guy currently serving in the Finnish military.

Pic related.


Хуи сосешь? Бочку делаешь?




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any proofs?


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нечегo спрашивать.


Пидоры у вас служат?


what about corona virus?




Nope. There are no russians


why you wear childish gumboots?


Тарас, ты?


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Sadly not, try to ask someone else

You too my friend



miks soomlased m6istavad eesti keelt, aga eestlased ei oska soome keelt? see on diskriminatsioon, kuradi raisk


Eestistä ymmärtää suurimman osan, mutta on silti paljon sanoja jotka ovat täysin erilaisia. Voisimme valloittaa Viron ja pakottaa heidät puhumaan suomea.


Hey, peace for you and to all your comrades from Russia.

What weapon do you have? Looks like AK-su but modified


haista vittu


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It's an RK 62, a Finnish AK clone. Works the same way as a kalashnikov but looks cooler to me.




Ei pahalla))0)


Soome ja Eesti on nagu Venemaa ja Ukraina, m6ttetu


Wats ze point of ur silly army? Russia will nuke u in an hour.


Ei olisi paha, jos Karjala palaisi Suomeen.


Help me
I from Karelia


What an ordinary day in the Finnish army is like? Is your army kind of like a prison where you mop floors and dig holes in the ground all day like we do in Russia?


Real brother from Finland?
Welcome brah. My respect to all Finnish boiz


To make attacking Finland too expensive for Russia to do without a very very good reason.


на обосранном говори пидор гейропейский



And me. I am also from Karelia.



Will u suck cock today?


Thank you my russian pidorashka :)




Karelia is ....


Dont confuse our army with pidorahen's one


>на фото калаши


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As I know they go home every weekend.


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>dis thread
>no spurdo


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My dad is the "hohol" so am I


Hier granade labe!


Ei haittaisi minuakaan :)

We are coming!

From what I've heard the Russian military is much worse. We do have to dig holes and mop floors but we don't do it every day and after a hard day we usually have plenty of time to relax and rest. Some days are rough with having to run and crawl in a forest with full combat equipment while other days we mostly have lectures and some more relaxed exercise.

Спасибо, мой обосранный друг. I respect you too.



Pidorahas, pls...


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No, YOU!
What are you doing tonight?


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Get the fuck out of my imageboard.


Thank you, Abu!


It's an RK 62, not a kalashnikov.

Some people here are pretty close to this




> We are coming!
We wait! I'm in Viipuri.


How did you find harkach?


Why u are hohol,?


Pidoraha means pidor and rasha, ur perefors soset



U cannot into thinking, stupid pidorashka


I heard about it on 4chan a long time ago. I sometimes visit and Google translate everything.

My favorite Russian city :')




How can u write here without eyes, mmm?


Normally yes, right now we stay here for multiple weeks at once and get longer vacations because of corona.


Glory to Ukraine




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No, do you?






miss hohol


This week I will drink Koskenkorva :)


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Good choice! As a teenager I used to always drink salmiakki Koskenkorva at parties.


Ofc I do. Don't tell me you don't ram anuses with your mates in your spare time


Cool, but do you have proofs that you really are Finnish guy?


No. You will suck.




Here's my uniform >>230308151

I don't know how long it takes here for a thread to be deleted but if the thread is still alive tomorrow I can show my passport.


Okay, sweety :3




>these fingers and nails
>that omejka's handwriting


Is it comfortable to smash the dirt in these rubber boots?


most likely hes simply a finish gay


Those ones are really uncomfortable in a forest but we have better shoes for that.


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You're not a friend of mine, you snow negro.


Russians are snow negroes too


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Do you understand that army is for mentally unstable and low IQ people? What made you become a worthless piece of meat instead of becoming a productive member of society who is making the world a better place?


perkele, suomaa, karjala, вилле хапасаало.


Лол, самое интересное то что никто не спросил как этот толстый пидор постит на анально огороженном форуме алишерки через финский айпишник.


Finanon, send some cute finnish traps/trans.


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Finguy, you still here?
I have a suprisingly unsual question for you.


Pishi, ya emu peredam


Was Yli cool? Do you saw it?


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Если у них не будет армии, пидорашки проведут референдум в Финляндии и их better place станет еще одним никому не нужным пидорашьим регионом
Этот человек настоящий патриот и делает хорошую работу для своей страны


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this is the image
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Cool, but could you proof it with a sup?


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>Cool, but could you proof it with a sup?


Все достижения финнов?


Есть еще какие-то пруфы, кроме страйкбольной одежды?


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Еще фактическая победа над либераторами и их Скотоублюдией в первой половине 20 века, после чего Финляндия стала богатой страной с самым высоким уровнем счастья населения.



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Был я в фин и РФ. В Финке ебутся а в рашке Ебут. ТС обосраный, пидор инфа стока.


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Yes, i am Taras-pidoras from Suomi.


энумусик, ты чечнец?


Я с эстонского ип пишу. Банят правда постоянно.


Do you know White Death? Who are you? In russian mind fins are snipers. Are you camper? How many kills have you got?


Hello, i fuck ur mom, bye bye :)

finnish guy


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Съебал на свой рефужач, омеган


В финской армии чё денег на берцы не хватает?


Are you planning to repeat Winter War? I want to see pidorashkas suffer.


Top for its cost


Тред аутистов какой-то.


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Honestly, you could've chosen a better place, nothing to see here but dick jokes and shit, as you can see.
Now seriously, is there any kind of anti-Russian sentiment in Finland? I mean, I personally faced discrimination online a few times - but that's online world where people are just stupid fucks high on impunity like Tony Montana on coke.


Finland have army?


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Military service is mandatory here so it wasn't exactly my choice. However I do think it's a very important thing as we are a small country with a big Russian neighbour.

Haapasalo is a great man.

Thank you for your kind words brother

Not sure what you're talking about.


I can find something later tonight to try and prove it

Sadly haven't killed anyone yet.

These are our main boots

Russia was the one attacking so you would have to be the one to plan it.

I think the replies have been super funny so far, I don't mind it. It's a similar cesspool as Finnish image boards. Anti-Russian sentiment is a tough topic. There is some, but I don't think it's at Russians as people and individuals but rather against the Russian government and as a historical entity. Really depends on the person, some people love Russia, some people hate it, other people are scared of it and some very curious about it. I'm sure any Finn would love to share a drink with a Russian and get to know them properly and compare our very different countries.

Yes, wanna come and see?


Are you playing in doom metal band?


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do you like this girls?


So you agree your country would be completely obliterated in mere hours if Russia suddenly decided to invade?
just passing through


Он купил пасскод.))))0))0)0


Sadly not

These girls are in artillery, no thanks.

In a situation where Russia didn't care about the future implications and how much it would cost yes, Russia would win a war. How fast that would happen, I don't know.


Why don't you use OP tag? It would be great to know if you're the actual topic starter.


This is girls???


What do you think of English proficiency of average 2ch user you've met in this thread today?


OP, ever been to Murmanskaya oblast?


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u have nice vodka bro.
but picrelated shoes looks like it's gachi-forces.


Missä sä asut Suomessa? Teillä kaunis maa. Opiskelen nyt suomea, ehkä ajon opiskella tällä AMK:ssa.


What do you think are the chances he has? To my guess, it'd be pretty close to 0. What's the point of your question?


>Teillä on kaunis maa


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> A small country with a big neighbor
Don't you say, I know Finnish guys, also the ones who served in military, they would never say that. Where are you from? What part of Finland? I am currently in Valkeakoski, I might even know you Anton?


Твою мать, и тут чеченцы. Ну что за напасть


You have nice gay party, loser.


Could you please post ITT some detailed photos of your military base and mark us its location on yandex maps? Thank you in advance.


> do you like this girls?
None of this garbage shits . My god this is discusting.


Motharfuker shutup.


Poshel nahuj


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> currently serving
what do you serving, peedorashka? dishes?


Ты обосрался, пидорюнь.


Че нахуй американский черножопая падла?? обосранный говори сука.


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> Хрююю


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Расходимся, это копипаста с мелкочана:

Спросите что-нибудь у финского парня, который сейчас служит в финской армии.

Связанная картинка.


How do I enable it? On other boards it's used automatically.

Some have been bad but I've seen a few surprisingly good ones, including yours.

Sadly not. I'd love to visit all the places near the Finnish border.

I'm from Jyväskylä, Central Finland. Thank you, I think Russia is very beautiful too. Also no, you got the wrong guy :D

All the military bases I know you will find with Google so don't get too excited.



Why are u on this dead cuz russians imageboard?


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> How do I enable it? On other boards it's used automatically.
3rd checkbox on PC.
In Dashchan 2nd checkbox.


Do you have assburgers?




Oh thank you. I was using the mobile site and didn't see the option.

Just wanted to check up on my Russian brothers and don't know any better site to do it on.

Sadly no



>miss hohol
Пиздец, чеченцы даже в инглиш не могут


> Sadly no
But that's good, also check yli int you're welcome there.


Teach me some finish swearings. The only ones I know and use from time to time are perkele, obviously, vittu and saatana.


> Oh thank you. I was using the mobile site and didn't see the option.
U can use pc version of site but this is uncomfortable


Ime mutsus


Do you mean Ylilauta int? Probably the worst board I know.

Paska kusi pillu vittu perkele kulli

Yeah, I'll use that when doing longer posts, thank you.


vittu perkele saatana mitta vitta


Нахуя ты на финском пишешь, ты что ебанутый?


> Ylilauta int?
> Probably the worst board I know


Kiitos, чувак


Seems mostly like random spam, never properly lurked there though.

Ai kirjoita suomeksi? No mikä ettei.


> Why?
Not that guy, but on this board filled with retards also known as legendary russian /b/tards, faggots, zoomers 11-17 years and ###Abu###


There's always time to start shartposting.


Как будет по финский мы сдаемся, пока ебут финских матерей-шлюх?


this is the image
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Хорошо, я тебя услышал. Теперь соси.


Are your girls beautiful?


А тебе зачем?


> Why?
Yeah... Why this board have bad reputation? No toxic idiots. No dickpics. No CP.


Do you have draft dodgers there in Finland?


Do u do barrel?
Do u suck dicks?


Тебя ебёт?


Вилли Хаапсалу?


О, вы тут все из Англии? Хуле басурман так много, нука вертайте взад обосранный язык


Rakastatko kotimaasi? Onko paljon ihmisiä Suomessa haluavat muuttaa muuhun maahan?


Kimi, Salo or Hakkinen&


Kimi, Salo or Hakkinen?*


tere soome sõber! kuidas teil seal koronaviirusega on?


Have you ever had dodging the obligatory military service in your mind? Are there much of young people going to dodge the draft or who at least are bothered by mandatoriness of military service?