I'm learning Japanese. What do you think about that? I wanted

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I'm learning Japanese. What do you think about that? I wanted to share my passion with you, because you're my best friends!


Be more realist and learn Turkish or Arabic.


How’s your progress? I’d like to begin learning it too this year, if my apathy goes away


Pretty good. I have to say I already did it a few years back, but quit a few months in. I started like two or three months ago again. The first time I did it I attended a public course, but now I got myself a private teacher as I think this suits me better. It's fun and I think I also remember more in one on one lessons. But yeah, you can imagine my knowledge is still very basic. I think it's a fun hobby, definitely recommend.

Arabic is definitely interesting, but I prefer Japanese (and Russian).


That's great. I tried a couple of times, learned some Hiragana symbols and failed to continue.


Well, if you're interested in Japanese culture generally it's definitely worth it.


they are being genocided, why learn stupid language?

japanese going to die out. learn only this languages



I only learn Japanese for fun. It doesn't matter if it has no use to me.






That's nice anon, I hope it goes well for you. I might learn Japanese in a few years once I'm fluent in Russian.