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Продолжаем слоупочно обсуждать сожженую ведьму, пожирающую фильм, её спятившего эмиссара в материальном мире, состарившихся хиппи, распад мужского эго, сатанизм и Arboria Institute.

Главный фильм 2018 года от режиссёра Beyond the Black Rainbow теперь в качестве на торрентах:
Если почему-то не сходили в кино - качайте, такое редко выходит.

Дополнительные материалы:

-психоделический фолк от музыканта-неудачника:

-история становления нового Посланника Божьего на этой грешной земле:


Пара кулстори от культистов:

>When I followed Jeremiah in the 70s (from 1971 to 1976) I wholehearted believed in his musical career. At his behest, I even robbed a gas station once to help fund the waxing of one of his superior records on his very own Sand Storm label. I thought he was a genius. There might have been at least 50 of us following him by caravan at the time to catch every performance in every church basement, commune and Swap and Meet through the mid and upper-Northwest. We were true believers in his vision. Back then all we wanted to do was bath in HIS LIGHT!

>But as time went on, his drug use became more indulgent and his tastes began to turn to more outre THINGS. He began dabbling in the occult and taking on more and more lovers in our group. He became unpredictable and prone to narcissistic outbursts. This is something I tolerated for a long time, but now I understand that I had been been brainwashed by his insane confidence and his peculiar brand of sexual charisma.
>People slowly began to leave the group. But myself, I stuck around for at least another year! That is until the day he requested I relinquish MY OWN LOVER, Marlene, so he could lie with her. He told me that I could never satisfy her and only someone like him who was privy to "The tainted blade of the pale knight, straight from the abyssal lair!" could be worthy of such a bewitching bride.
>That's when I left the group.
>Last I heard, in 78 or so, the remains of the group were supposedly all tripping acid with some weird chemist who lived at the base of an old radio station tower with an actual tiger living in it!
>I often wonder what happened to them. I wonder if my old Jeremiah records are worth anything?

>Over the years a lot of hearsay and rumors have followed The Children of the New Dawn. In 2018 they are still somewhat of a whispered legend up in these parts. As a former member, let me set the record straight: This thing you wrote about Lucy is a complete falsehood. Lucy was very much a Janey-come-lately. If I remember correctly, Lucy came into the fold about 3 months before I abandoned The Children; by then, many of the original followers of Jeremiah had been reclaimed by real life, completely disillusioned with their former Sage's fall into his fantastically decrepit solipsism that completely revolved around the fulfillment of his most lurid desires. Petty theft. Arson. Beating up strangers. Orgies. Sexually pleasuring himself with talismanic objects. Drugs. Lots and Lots of drugs. All the while becoming more vitriolic, explosive and egocentric.
>In some ways...dare I even say it...I was even MORE in LOVE and attracted to him then ever before, so dark and potent was his presence! Such is the lure of the the black arts and the tongue of the false prophet.

>At the time, only myself, brother Swan and my wife Marlene were the last remnants of the original Children. By then our group could only be replenished with the most desperate of characters: Ex-convicts, hard drug users, the mentally ill; people with weak minds and spirits all ripe for Jeremiah's charismatic personality to corrupt.

>For it was in this era that Jeremiah had plowed headlong into the most obscure and evil of occult practices. He had become ENAMORED with the blacker things that lay hidden in the damp, grub filled earth of Oregon. This intangible malevolence seemed to follow our small convoy of vans and pickups wherever we went. I swear at one time it bathed the very road we were driving on in an all-enveloping, eerie crimson light!

>It was at this time we encountered the poor, sweet, waifish LUCY, who had been fleeing an abusive home. I recall thinking on that day - the day Jeremiah scooped her up from the side of the road like a vulture in heat - that the poor girl's troubles were just beginning.

>Marlene was gracious enough to take Lucy under her wing and she latched onto Jeremiah with the obedience of a lost puppy. Within a week Jeremiah had bedded her. Two weeks after that, still craven and hungry, he stole Marlene away from me as well! It was all too much to bare.

>It was then that I knew Jeremiah was not a savior, but a plunderer of souls.
>Yet I stayed just a little while longer. I struggled with leaving and restoring my life. I was truly broken, pathetic and terrified. But the day I saw Marlene and Lucy breeding large, monstrous wasps in mason jars (the likes of which I had never seen) for the purpose of accentuating our group's LSD trips - I WAS OUT!

>I fled screaming into the night, deep into the forests of Oregon escaping forever!
>Today I am a high school art teacher.


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